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  Puzzle Apps for iOS
iCut for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad
iCut ($0.99)
Available on the App Store
v2.0, Aug 22, 2012
iCut Deluxe ($2.99)
Available on the App Store
v2.1, Sep 16, 2012
iCut Lite (Free)
Available on the App Store
v2.1, Sep 16, 2012
"You will never be bored with iCut Deluxe playing, containing variety of difficulty levels getting your brain skills to a new level!"
--Apple iPhone Blog
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"It is a game that you can pick up and play for a quick game or an hour or so and one that is hard to put down."
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"Puzzle fans should be delighted..."
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"This game is good, the beginning is way too easy, but it gets harder."
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  "It's an awesome App that's free on the App Store."
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"Brand new puzzle."
--Touch Arcade Forums
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"A light, easy game thatís fun for a few minutes."
--Games Uncovered
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"iCut brings a math geometry concept of dissection puzzles to the colorful and shape-abundant world of fun challenges.."
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"The incredibly new puzzle game."
--Frisky Mongoose
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"Do some brain exercise."
--Jorymon Techblog
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"A new type of puzzle game"
--App Advice
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"The Grabarchuk family keeps churning out interesting puzzles."
--Tom Cutrofello's Puzzle Blog
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"Simple and easy to understand."
--Puzzle App
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iCut for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad
Game Center
iCut includes Game Center achievements and leaderboards.
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Concept, puzzles, and design:
The Grabarchuk Family
Mehmet Murat Sevim
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