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LetsTans for Kindle
LetsTans 3-in-1 ($1.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
LetsTans Classic ($0.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
LetsTans Checkered ($0.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
LetsTans Duo ($0.99)
Available on the Kindle Store
Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle DX, Kindle (2nd Generation)
Versions History
v1.3 November 20, 2012
v1.2 May 25, 2012
v1.1 January 3, 2012
v1.0 November 3, 2011
December 21, 2012: Now you can get LetsTans 3-in-1 for $1.99 only! Also get three new LetsTans apps $0.99 each: LetsTans Classic, Checkered, and Duo. Apps are playable on all e-ink Kindles!
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Lets Tans is a dynamic Tangrams experience for Kindle.

You are given a set of seven flat shapes that you can combine into over 6500 different shapes. The trick is that for each puzzle, you need to create exactly the shape given! In each puzzle you are shown a shape into which you must fit the puzzle pieces such that no piece overlaps the shape or other pieces.

300 hand-crafted puzzles are included and 3 difficulty modes provided. You can move, rotate, and flip pieces to get them to fit the required shape. Need help? Lets Tans can give you a hint. You can keep track of your time with a counter, and you can pause that timer when you want to take a break. You earn stars for each puzzle completed, and Lets Tans will track your scores so you can track your progress.

A super puzzle for exercising your spatial skills, Lets Tans is a great pastime for young and old alike.
Get four different versions of Cut The Shapes:
LetsTans 3-in-1 - 300 puzzles of three different game modes
LetsTans Classic - 100 Classic puzzles
LetsTans Checkered - 100 Checkered puzzles
LetsTans Duo - 100 Duo puzzles
What reviewers are saying
★★★★ "It was a good challenge for me and it also relaxed me."
--Erik, This Kid Reviews Books
★★★★★ "A great game for any age and wonderful for car trips or waiting time at the clinic or anywhere for that matter."
--Book Him Danno,
★★★★★ "This is a different type of puzzle and one not to be missed. I highly recommend this game for a different and exciting challenge."
--K.P. Druckenmiller,
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